A Girl for All Time Dolls Pose in American Custom Dollhouses™ Dollhouse

A Girl for All Time
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A Girl for All Time dolls Matilda, Amelia and Lydia pose in an American Custom Dollhouses™ dollhouse.

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A Girl for All Time Amelia Doll and Book Giveaway

Great contest giveaway. Win A Girl for All Times Amelia doll!

On the road…with American Custom Dollhouses

on the road
A local gentleman spotted American Custom Dollhouses on the road the other day. Trying not to tailgate us too close, he jotted down our website address. That same afternoon, he called and asked if we could repair an old dollhouse his wife’s father made for her several decades ago. Their granddaughter was coming to visit this Christmas and they hoped it could be spruced up by then.

We promised to have the dollhouse updated, renovated and repaired in time and about six weeks later, American Custom Dollhouses was really proud and excited to deliver the finished updated, renovated and repaired dollhouse just before Christmas and in time for our client’s four year old granddaughter to begin playing and telling her stories in her great-grandfather’s lasting gift. What a treasure!


We love our work!


The Atlantic Article “American Girls Aren’t Radical Anymore”


In case you missed it, this is the recent article that has caused so much discussion and debate lately. One caveat, although many readers have interpreted it as saying that Molly is being retired, the article does not.

American Girls Aren’t Radical Anymore

Dust Free Protection for Fine Dolls of Any Size

American Custom Dollhouses builds heirloom quality display case dollhouses for dust free
fine doll protection for any size doll. For American Girl®, or other 18″ dolls, please visit our Products or Custom sections on our website. For all other fine dolls, please visit our
Your Idea
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your personal design and specifications.

American Custom Dollhouses Protect Fine Dolls of Any Size

American Custom Dollhouses Heritage

We have a proud heritage of hard working, talented artisans and it’s their craftsmanship that inspires American Custom Dollhouses to create fine display cabinetry that is dust free heirloom quality protection for all fine dolls. Here is a story about how our heritage caught up with us in 2011 and how our family has always created fine work so that it would be destined to be proudly treasured for generations to come.

In April, 2011, we received a telephone call from a stranger who has since become a friend. Since that first connection, it has been wonderful to discover that our two families will always have a lasting connection.

This began when Gabe, trying to find information about a couch that he had discovered in an antique shop, Googled the name on the label on the couch and found us. As fate would have it, he called the right person first, and we enjoyed the first of a number of extensive conversations about how his couch was created.

It is with great pleasure that we share the following excerpts of emails, including text and pictures, with you.

Gabe writes:
Thank you Daniel for telling me about the rich history behind the Assael Custom Furniture name. It was a real pleasure speaking with you and I will be sending you a photo as soon as I can get it hauled to my home. I would really like to have the photo you spoke of with the factory to speak of. It is nice to have met you!

Daniel responds:
It was a pleasure to have met you and spoken with you as well. My family built your couch, and included my father, who personally built, or supervised and finished it, along with one uncle who measured and cut the fabric, another uncle finished the frame or sold your couch to its original owners, as well as, my grandfather who first went into the furniture business with his brother in the 1920s in New York City. Attached, please find photographs.

Two photographs show some of my family’s stores, both located on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklyn Square, NY. Both had showrooms in the front and factory shops attached in the rear.Heritage 1Heritage 2

One photograph shows the factory shop in the two story building, which, is the shop where your couch was most likely to have been created. My mother listens to two customers while my Aunt looks on and an upholsterer works.Heritage 3

It is a pleasure to know that one of our family’s pieces has a found a wonderful new home with folks who will appreciate it. We very much look forward to seeing your photographs. All of my family will be very pleased, and my parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents would be proud and honored as well.
Thanks again.
Best regards,

Gabe writes:
Hi Daniel,
Here is a photo I took of the couch today in the shop. I am supposed to be bringing it home in a few days. It is very beautiful.
Heritage 4
Heritage 5Daniel writes:
Thanks as well for your call the other day. In regard to your new arrival, by the style of the label, your three piece sectional couch was made in our factory in Franklyn Square, New York in the 1960s, or possibly, the early 1970s. It is wonderful to know that something that our family created so long ago will continue to be enjoyed and cared for by you and your family.
Best regards,

Heirloom Quality Dust Free Fine Doll Protection

Dust-Free Heirloom Quality Fine Doll Protection
Our heirloom quality cabinets and dollhouses last for generations and to ensure that your doll collection does, too, all of our products are made to create a dust free environment for any type of doll collection.

Will Disney® & American Girl® ComeTogether in Orlando?

American Custom Dollhouses recently received a link to an article written about the new Disney Springs project at Downtown Disney.

The buzz is that Disney and American Girl are talking to each other about the possibility of an American Girl Place opening in Disney Springs. Orlando is American Custom Dollhouses’ home base, so this news is especially exciting to us.

The article is written by Ricky Brigante, a theme park expert who edits “Inside Magic”, a blog focusing on Disney, theme park news and entertainment. In his article he points out that Disney’s main focus when planning a project like Disney Springs, is to offer the best entertainment and activity value because, “Disney doesn’t hide the fact that they want their guests to remain on Walt Disney World property as much as possible.”

We have a few thoughts about American Girl Place on Disney property. Keep in mind, it’s all total supposition on our part. We have no inside information. Just some “what ifs?”

Disney’s Princess program is well known. There are many activities and events held throughout their parks that are centered around something “Princess”. Currently, one of the top rated hotels in Walt Disney World, the Grand Floridian, offers guests an opportunity to go to the “My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party”. Tea parties take place every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday – Friday from 10:30am to 12:00pm. The cost for this event is $175.88 for 2 children (age 3 to 11) and $89.68 per adult, and/or anybody age 12 and up. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

The reason we mention this particular venue is because included in the price is not only tea and cake, in addition to other gifts, each girl receives a special 18-inch “My Disney Girl” doll dressed in a Princess Aurora gown plus accessories. In the past, Disney retail shops offered a My Disney Girl 18” doll for around $50. Then, without explanation, they closed out the last doll made, the Redhead, for $20 and never offered the dolls again…except as a “gift” when attending a My Disney Girl’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party. There used to be a wide variety of Disney Princess outfits for sale for 18” dolls, too, but currently none are shown on the Disney Store website.

Hmm. Is any of this trivia pertinent to the possibility of an American Girl Place opening in Disney Springs? Will there be a partnership between the two companies? Will American Girl be offering 18” Disney Princess dolls exclusively on Disney property? Will the Grand Floridian continue their tea parties, or bow to the more affordable, very successful dining experience at American Girl Place? The possibilities are, if for no other reason, entertaining. One thing we are pretty sure of – Disney will not want visitors to travel out of Disney World to go to an off property American Girl Place. There is a lot of competition for the attention of approximately 51.5 million visitors to Orlando each year. Combining two powerful, popular destinations on one property makes sense.

American Custom Dollhouses is “wishing upon a star” that our dream of an American Girl Place in our backyard comes true!

© & SM 2013 American Custom Dollhouses Company. All rights reserved.

American Girl®, Disney®, Disney Springs®, Walt Disney World®, American Girl Place®, My Disney Girl®, Disney Princess®, Grand Floridian®, InsideMagic® are the registered trademarks of their respective holders and are used for reference purposes only. Some names, logotypes, words and/or images are the property of their respective trademark and/or copyright holders. They are used for identification purposes only.

1853 Parlor and Bedroom

I decided to dress up some of my dolls in all of my 1853 Cecile and Marie-Grace outfits.
Pictured here are Jess, Felicity, Emily, Addy, Mia, Nellie, Elizabeth and Cecile in the American Custom Dollhouses™ 1853 Parlor and American Custom Dollhouses™ 1853 Bedroom.

Molly Gets New Pajamas and a Bed

Molly in Pajamas in a American Custom Dollhouses™ RoomRecently American Girl® introduced new PJ’s and a new Bed for Molly.

Back in 1989 I got my first American Girl® doll, Molly, as well as, her original Pajamas, her Plaid Jumper & Blouse School outfit, School Lunch (1st Release), School Bag and Supplies. I always liked Molly’s Pajamas.

I did not receive or ever get, nor did I want, Molly’s original bed which was red with red/white pin-stripe accents and was retired in spring of 2006 according to AGPlaythings.
In summer of 2006, according to AGPlaythings, American Girl® released a revamped version of Molly’s bed. It was similar to her original bed, but it came with an extra accent pillow and rug. I still didn’t want it.
I’m not sure why I was never drawn to Molly’s bed. Molly is my favorite American Girl® doll, but her bed never resonated with me. Perhaps it is the fact it has a fabric covered headboard and is overall very red. There is very little contrast or variety in this bed, in my opinion.

Probably around the same time as the revamped bed was introduced, Molly’s Robe and Fuzzy-Wuzzies (slippers) were introduced. The red, white and blue is very patriotic, perfect for Molly’s wartime era, but seemed a little over the top to me, so I didn’t get these when they were available.

But now, in spring of 2013, American Girl® has introduced a completely new look for Molly’s bed and pajamas. Gone are the patriotic red, white and blue. Now a much more delicate look has emerged in the form of pastel blue and white pajamas (named Molly’s Floral Pajamas for Dolls) with a delicate floral pattern and a pale yellow bed (named Molly’s Bed & Bedding) with a “dainty lattice print” to quote American Girl®. The pajamas come with blue sling-back slippers and seem to be a good value for the price ($24).

Both Molly’s Floral Pajamas for Dolls and Molly’s Bed & Bedding are available for a limited time only so get them while you can!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be the first time American Girl® has ever revamped a historical doll’s bed and pajamas, one of the staples in the American Girl® historical collections.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new look for Molly in particular but I will definitely be getting the new pajamas. I probably won’t be getting the bed, although I do like it.

There have been rumors flying around that Molly’s collection will be retiring soon. With the new introduction of these limited time only items, I wonder if this is a last attempt to increase interest in Molly’s collection before retiring her for good. I know that I for one love Molly and the time period she represents and think she should continue to be available so that other girls can enjoy her for generations to come.

Thank you Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog!

Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog, a well-known doll blog, has interviewed and featured us in their blog! Thank you Karen Mom of Three!

Check out this post to read the full interview and see exclusive photos and details about American Custom Dollhouses™.

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Colonial Throwback Thursday

American Custom Dollhouses™ Colonial Throwback ThursdayWe contributed to Doll Diaries Throwback Thursday with more photos of our 1774 Dining Room with Felicity, Elizabeth, Cecile, Marie-Grace, Mia, Emily and Nellie.

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Happy New Year!

American Custom Dollhouses™ wants to wish you a happy new year!

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Happy Holidays!

Check out these holiday themed photos from American Custom Dollhouses™!

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Throwback Thursday

Doll Diaries Throwback ThursdayFelicity and Elizabeth, along with our 1774 Dining Room were featured in Doll Diaries Throwback Thursday!

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Thank you Doll Diaries!

Thank you Doll Diaries!Doll Diaries, a well-known doll blog, has featured us in their blog! Thank you Doll Diaries!

Check out this post to see exclusive photos and details about the first American Custom Dollhouses™ Dollhouse.

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Delivery Day!

We’ve delivered our first American Custom Dollhouses™ Dollhouse today!


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