Molly Gets New Pajamas and a Bed

Molly in Pajamas in a American Custom Dollhouses™ RoomRecently American Girl® introduced new PJ’s and a new Bed for Molly.

Back in 1989 I got my first American Girl® doll, Molly, as well as, her original Pajamas, her Plaid Jumper & Blouse School outfit, School Lunch (1st Release), School Bag and Supplies. I always liked Molly’s Pajamas.

I did not receive or ever get, nor did I want, Molly’s original bed which was red with red/white pin-stripe accents and was retired in spring of 2006 according to AGPlaythings.
In summer of 2006, according to AGPlaythings, American Girl® released a revamped version of Molly’s bed. It was similar to her original bed, but it came with an extra accent pillow and rug. I still didn’t want it.
I’m not sure why I was never drawn to Molly’s bed. Molly is my favorite American Girl® doll, but her bed never resonated with me. Perhaps it is the fact it has a fabric covered headboard and is overall very red. There is very little contrast or variety in this bed, in my opinion.

Probably around the same time as the revamped bed was introduced, Molly’s Robe and Fuzzy-Wuzzies (slippers) were introduced. The red, white and blue is very patriotic, perfect for Molly’s wartime era, but seemed a little over the top to me, so I didn’t get these when they were available.

But now, in spring of 2013, American Girl® has introduced a completely new look for Molly’s bed and pajamas. Gone are the patriotic red, white and blue. Now a much more delicate look has emerged in the form of pastel blue and white pajamas (named Molly’s Floral Pajamas for Dolls) with a delicate floral pattern and a pale yellow bed (named Molly’s Bed & Bedding) with a “dainty lattice print” to quote American Girl®. The pajamas come with blue sling-back slippers and seem to be a good value for the price ($24).

Both Molly’s Floral Pajamas for Dolls and Molly’s Bed & Bedding are available for a limited time only so get them while you can!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be the first time American Girl® has ever revamped a historical doll’s bed and pajamas, one of the staples in the American Girl® historical collections.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new look for Molly in particular but I will definitely be getting the new pajamas. I probably won’t be getting the bed, although I do like it.

There have been rumors flying around that Molly’s collection will be retiring soon. With the new introduction of these limited time only items, I wonder if this is a last attempt to increase interest in Molly’s collection before retiring her for good. I know that I for one love Molly and the time period she represents and think she should continue to be available so that other girls can enjoy her for generations to come.

8 comments on “Molly Gets New Pajamas and a Bed
  1. I prefer Molly’s original bed and pajama’s to this new one. I really hope the rumors aren’t true about Molly being retired. She, Samantha, Felicity, and Kirsten are my favorite American Girls. 🙁

    • Jessica says:

      We really hope Molly isn’t going to be retired soon either, Ashley. We love all the original American Girls. Molly was my first. Then Kirsten. Then Samantha. Then Felicity and Addy (together).

  2. jazz says:

    I hate when they retire dolls they should at least make them special order or something it is just a wig and an outfit the actual dolls all look pretty much the same. I started buying up molly stuff recently for my daughter when she is old enough, I can’t believe they would retire the only military family and I hope they don’t. (Love Molly’s red bed and just got one off ebay)

    • Jessica says:

      We don’t like it when they retire dolls too. Molly’s time period is a very important one in American history and we hope she isn’t retired any time soon. Kirsten, Felicity and Samantha’s time periods are also important and we were sad to see them retired. We understand that by retiring dolls and their collections, American Girl can put more resources into developing new dolls that represent other time periods but we still are sad when any doll is retired. At least all of the books are still available.

  3. I have noticed American Girl always uses the word archive, and never retired. I suspect they are planning to do something similar to what Disney does with their “vault”. My guess is that every few years, American Girl is going to bring one of the original historical characters out of the archives for a limited time. A big money making move on their part, people rush to get them while they are out, and it gives AG room to bring out new characters, while the others are in the “archives”. I don’t like it either, but it certainly works for money hungry Mattel. I know I rushed to buy Samantha and all her items when it was announced she was being archived. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her again in a couple years. I too suspect Molly is next on the hit list. My daughter has plans to buy Molly this spring while she still can.

    • Jessica says:

      That’s an interesting observation, Kimberlee. We hadn’t noticed that American Girl specifically uses the word “archive” and never “retire”. That makes sense that they would do that and we agree with your prediction that they might bring some archived characters out of the “vault” someday. By archiving characters, it allows American girl to re-release them someday (their molds, parts, etc. are still available but probably manufacturing of those parts have temporarily ceased.) We also scrambled to purchase a soon to be archived collection (in our case, it was Felicity and Elizabeth). Perhaps Mattel can only manufacture a certain number of different parts at one time and in order to introduce new dolls (with new parts) they cease production on one doll but leave the door open to start up production again in the future… Only time will tell! Here’s hoping these “archived” dolls are re-released and available sometime in the future.

  4. Jillian says:

    I love the new bed and pajamas! I never cared much for her old set. The pajamas were too masculine for my tastes (I was in love with Samantha’s clothes, so you can see how different my tastes were) and the bed was too plain. I always loved the red, white and blue theme her clothes often had, though, as I’ve always been extremely patriotic. When I got older, I grew more fond of the bed but still not enough to actually buy it. But her vanity with its lovely red and blue floral print helped the room look more suitable for the princess fan Molly was, and also helped me like the bed because they looked so nice together. I’m surprised the robe and slippers have only been around since 2006! I thought I remembered them from my childhood, which was much earlier than that.

    Molly’s the first to get a completely new bed, as far as I can remember, but not the only one to have her bed “revamped” and her official nightwear changed. Kit’s bedframe is the same, but when her movie was released her lovely tufted bedspread was changed to the faux quilted cover she has now. And her glamorous beach pajamas (that had been modeled after ones worn by actresses in the 1930s) were replaced by her pink striped nightgown. Many fans have complained about the changes, particularly the fact that Kit’s new nightgown is pink when Kit wasn’t particularly fond of pink. Of course, back then kids wore what their parents bought them, so the pajamas could have been picked out for her by her mother, who loved pink and frilly things for her little girl.

    I haven’t gone through and actually checked it out, but it seems to me that Molly’s collection has had the most dramatic changes in it. I remember when I was a tween/teen, there was a lengthy period of time where I wasn’t receiving the catalogues and when we finally got the internet and I was able to go to the AG website and see what was new, I was surprised to discover they’d completely changed Molly’s table. It used to be a wooden drop-leaf table, and they changed it to metal with a red and white top (as it is now).

    Okay, Molly’s Robe thing was bugging me, so I just looked at some old catalogue scans online and while I don’t have an exact year they were released, it was the same time as her original nighttime necessities set was released. As that set was retired in 2006, according to AG Playthings, it would seem both sets were released at least a few years earlier. And as the series of scans only include the “new” Sweet Dreams Collections for Addy, Felicity, Kirsten, Molly and Samantha; it would seem likely they were added prior to Josefina’s release, which I think was in 1997 or 1998. Addy was added in 1993, I believe, and as her things are not listed as “new” in her scan, it seems the robes, nightstands and necessities were added some time after she was released. So approximately 95-96, I would guess. And that would fit in with my not recalling them ever *not* being available, as that’s just about when my personal AG memories begin, though I’d been a fan since 1992.

    • Jessica says:

      Our sincerest apologies Jillian, your comment went into our spambox and we didn’t notice that until now.

      You are correct that the robe and slippers were introduced earlier than 2006. We only assumed they were introduced when the revamped bed was introduced but we checked American Girl Dolls Wiki and they said that Molly’s Robe and Fuzzy Wuzzies was introduced in 1993.

      Thanks for pointing out that Kit’s bed had been revamped. We agree Kit’s new pink striped nightie was probably picked out by her mother.

      Molly’s collection certainly has seen many changes. More so than the other two original dolls, Kirsten and Samantha, it seems.

      Thanks for your insight!


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