1944 Public School Rooms

American Custom Dollhouses™ School Room1944 Public School Rooms
each come with:

  • LED display lighting
  • removable protective clear acrylic display front
  • clear acrylic multi-paned dimensional window
       with real wood curtain rod
  • white toile curtains
  • exterior window shutters
  • working front door
       with interior face of real wood finished oak,
       brass hardware and transom
  • real wood finished oak floorboards
  • wainscoting and trim
  • antique white painted interior walls and ceiling
  • Jefferson Public School sign
  • JPS1 transom lettering
  • pebble gray color textured roof
  • antique white textured exterior walls
  • set of four movable exterior side spacers

Free Shipping in 48 contiguous United States,
and come in three standard sizes:

Small 24″W x 24″D x 24″H Public School Room
Item Number TPS24 $2047

Medium 36″W x 24″D x 24″H Public School Room
Item Number TPS36 $2463

Large 48″W x 24″D x 24″H Public School Room
Item Number TPS48 $2927

1944 Public School Rooms are designed for use with
American Girl® school desks, not included.
Small and Medium School Rooms may accommodate two desks each.
Large School Rooms may accommodate four desks each.
Visit Individual Accessories for individual
Public School Room Accessories including:
Working School Clock and American Flag,
School Blackboard with “Chalk” and Eraser, and
School Bookcase with Bulletin Board