1944 American Movie Theatres

American Custom Dollhouses™ 1944 American Movie Theatres
1944 American Movie Theatres each come with:

  • removable protective clear acrylic display front
  • marquee sign with movable letters and LED backlighting
  • decorative stage proscenium
  • red “velvet” curtains
  • faux non working movie screen
  • raised seating platform
  • wall to wall carpeting
  • draped clear acrylic window
       with exterior window shutters
  • working exit door
  • playbill easel and period style posters
  • deep blue painted interior walls and ceiling
  • pebble gray color textured roof
  • antique white textured exterior walls
  • set of four movable exterior side spacers

Free Shipping in 48 contiguous United States,
and come in two standard sizes:

Medium 36″W x 24″D x 24″H Movie Theatre
Item Number TMT36 $3117

Large 48″W x 24″D x 24″H Movie Theatre
Item Number TMT48 $3382

1944 American Movie Theatres are designed for use with American Girl®
theatre seats, Not included.
Medium Theatres may accommodate two seats each.
Large Theatres may accommodate four seats each.
1944 American Movie Theatres are each suitable to accommodate
a real working 15″ TV screen and DVD player, Not included.

Visit Individual Accessories for individual American Movie Theatre Accessories
including: Marquee Sign, and Decorative Stage Proscenium.